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Your own personal stylist is the ultimate in one on one Style Therapy. Define your style and discover what works for you with your own Personal Stylist. Learn which styles and colours suit you and why. Dress with confidence, enhance your best assets and achieve the look of effortless style - everyday...!

Benefit from a private & personal consultation in your own home

- tailored just for you -



Lifestyle Analysis

A Lifestyle Analysis is a way of assessing your clothing needs. By looking at the amount of time you spend on various activities and then matching it to your clothing budget, we can ensure that you always have the wardrobe pieces to wear for every occasion.


Body Shape Analysis

A Body Shape Analysis is a way of determining your natural silhouette and body length proportions. Once you understand your body shape you'll discover how easy it is to dress to maximise the bits you love while minimising the bits you don’t love so much-or kind of hate!


Mini Colour Analysis

A Mini Colour Analysis will help you discover the best colours (whether they be warm or cool) for you. You'll see how, just by wearing your best colours near your face, your skin will seem softer and smoother, your eyes brighter and your whole face will seem to get a lift-without the Botox!

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