The ultimate in 'group style' fashion therapy


Style Therapy Masterclass workshops create a fun environment and are designed to arm you with all the tools to better understand your own personal style.  


Style Therapy offer 2 options for Masterclass:



Seasonal Workshops

Our MasterClass Workshops run for 6 hours and are designed to be fully interactive. Learn the how, why, when and where of shopping, understand body shape rules and how they apply to you, everything you need to know to create and maintain a fabulous new look is discussed.

Mini Masterclass 

Customised Workshops at your Place

A Mini Masterclass at Your Place can be run at your home, gym, play group or office is are a great way to have fun with your friends whilst learning the secret to dressing with effortless style. Create your own 3 hour Masterclass from a range of topics or choose a theme that works for your group.